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F.A.S.T.™ Program

Food Acceptance Accountability Support Transformation

Lose weight and increase energy. For GOOD.  

This virtual program starts Monday, August 12 and runs 12 weeks. 

Reserve your spot in the program today  $ 997

Join others for the F.A.S.T.™ Program: 

  • Food Acceptance: Imagine going out for lunch with co-workers or happy hour with friends and having zero guilt about the French fries or the margarita you had. In this program, and beyond, no food is off-limits; no food is good or bad; food is not something to be ashamed of feel guilty about. We shift the mindset about food.  
  • Accountability: Imagine that when you have a day that you feel you “slipped” or got “off-track” then rather than throwing up your hands with this perceived “failure” that you can look to others in the same place, get reassurance that you are normal and human, things aren’t over and strategized the next step. Like with the GPS, if you miss a turn, then we recalculate to get you to your destination with a slight detour. With weekly accountability we are checking in to set goals and keep them when it comes to eating healthier, eating enough, and reaching those goals together.  
  • Support: You know there is a LOT of information out there about food, nutrition, dieting and weight loss. Who to believe? Who to trust? What is fake and what is true? Get REAL information from a professional with 20 years’ experience in facilitating lasting weight loss with hundreds of clients.  
  • Transformation: Think about past diet programs, groups, quick-fixes, and past diets… What would it be like to NOT be on a “diet” but have a healthier pattern of eating? Change your mindset, change your body and change your outlook about weight, weight loss and dieting.  
  • What about those days when you aren’t “feeling” it? Everyone gets pumped at the start, but we will continue the encouragement and reassurance for the duration. This is for the long-term. But there are roadblocks and detours. The live, virtual accountability calls each Monday (except Memorial Day when we "meet" on Tuesday") keep you going.  
  • Something coming up like the trip to the amusement park, the weekend wedding, the weeklong vacation, or just a rough few days? You get biweekly one-on-one calls to strategize YOUR specific needs.  
  • Activities, tools and strategies to help you be more intentional with your eating and habits to help move you through your weight loss even as you are on vacation, eating out, attending a wedding or whatever happens in real life.  
  • Optional Personalized Meal Plans/Recipes created for only you after the second week of the program (no one in the group would have the same plan).  
  • What you won’t have: Meals separate from the rest of your family. No supplements. No meal replacement shakes. No special foods to buy. No pantry clean outs. No eliminating foods  
  • Real World. Real Food. Real Results. Guaranteed. **  

This is a 12-week VIRTUAL Program. 

Week 1 starts May 20 - Week 12 ends on August 11

Everything is VIRTUAL through video - email - phone calls. No place you need to attend.

Brought to you by Shelley Rael, MS RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for 20 years in health, wellness, weight management and disease risk reduction.

$997 gets you into the F.A.S.T.™ Program today.